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Tailored Elegance

Discover a world of personalized design with ArtSgraffito Interior and Exterior Design Studio. Our interior design services are crafted to infuse your space with elegance and functionality, reflecting your unique taste and lifestyle.

We kick off the journey with an insightful initial consultation, understanding your vision and preferences. Our expertise in space planning ensures optimal utilization, while concept development brings your ideas to life through carefully curated themes.

Dive into a palette of colors and quality materials with our material and color selection process. From custom concept design to seamless project management, we take care of every detail.

The final reveal is the culmination of our commitment, presenting you with a transformed space that resonates with your vision and personality.

Elevate your interior space – contact us today for an initial consultation and let us work on your living or working space.
ArtSgraffito - interior design services

Interior Design

Services We Provide

Residential and commercial customers are welcome. We serve all the GTA & beyond.


Visualize your home. 3D interior design service tailored to your unique vision.


Iron crafted for you. Custom designs to perfectly complement your space.

Stained Glass

Artistry in glass. Tailored stained glass designs, transforming spaces with radiance.


A symphony of tradition. Classic design creating spaces of refined elegance.


Mural magic. Custom designs transforming walls into personalized works of art.


Fireside artistry. Tailored fireplace designs for cozy and stylish living spaces.


Carving memories in walls. Tailored sgraffito elevating your interior ambiance.


From Concept to Completion

Step into a world where spaces are transformed into personalized masterpieces.


This initial phase of the project. Design analysis & consultation.


Design concept development, planning & presentation.


Translating the design vision into reality.

Project Management

The design concept unfolds with precision and punctuality.

Ready to transform your home?