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ArtsGraffito is a full-service interior and exterior design studio based in Toronto. We offer comprehensive interior and exterior design solutions for residential and commercial spaces. We have been in the industry for over three decades, delivering creative and customized projects that meet our clients’ needs and expectations.
Dive into our About Us page to uncover the story behind our brand. Explore the journey that led us here and gain insight into the vision that drives our creativity.

Our design studio is located in Toronto and we normally offer our services to the GTA and the surrounding locations. On the flip side, we have delivered many design projects for clients across the globe.  It means we can accept clients from any other locations with an extra charge for travel expenses. Consequently, we can take on projects for clients in any region of Canada and even abroad with a specific arrangement.

We are a versatile company that can handle any type of project, whether it is commercial or residential, large or small, local or remote. We have the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality results for any design challenge.

Explore Our Portfolio to view our showcased projects, featuring completed works that demonstrate our expertise. Additionally, discover more project visuals on our Instagram , Facebook and Houzz accounts.

Our design process commences with a collaborative consultation with our clients. This initial meeting serves as a source of inspiration. Attuned to nuanced cues, we glean insights into their vision. Following this face-to-face interaction, we proceed to the development of the design concept, seeking and securing client approval. Upon conceptual alignment, we seamlessly transition from ideation to execution, breathing life into the approved design. Throughout the entire process, we meticulously execute project management, ensuring comprehensive oversight until the successful completion of the project. From the initial consultation through to the final project wrap-up, our commitment ensures a well-coordinated and professionally managed path from inspiration to realization.

The duration of the design process is contingent upon the project’s scale and the level of detail involved. We consistently prioritize timely project completion and try to adhere to the committed delivery date for each undertaking.

At ArtSgraffito, we know full-service design costs can vary based on your project’s complexity, size, location, and the services you need to accomplish. To keep things clear, we break down our estimates into different phases, each with a fixed fee and a reasonable upfront prepayment. We are pretty flexible and capable of working in various ways. So, during our first meeting, we’ll talk about your budget and expectations. This helps us make sure we’re all on the same page about costs and services. Our goal is to prevent any misunderstandings and unexpected expenses later. We won’t charge you more than what we initially quoted unless there are extra services needed that we didn’t include in the first estimate. If that happens, we’ll always discuss any additional costs before starting the extra work.

Absolutely! We draft a contract once we have finalized the estimate and scope of work. We require a deposit to start the project. The rest of the payment is due at the completion of each project phase. The deposit amount is based on the size and complexity of each phase, and it can be anywhere from 35% for larger projects to 100% for smaller ones. The final payment is due before we finish the last touches of the project.

One of our experts will visit your place to discuss and gather information regarding the overall project type, scope of work, your vision, style preferences, expected timelines, and your budget. Typically, this comprehensive consultation lasts for up to 2 hours to ensure we cover all aspects thoroughly.

For the initial design consultation, it’s useful to have any sources of inspiration or guidance you have collected. This could include magazine clippings, social media posts, online boards, or photos of spaces you love. It’s also helpful to have a realistic idea of your budget, timeline, and specific project requirements will be beneficial for our discussion. This ensures that the initial design consultation is productive and tailored to your unique needs.

Our standard charges for the initial design consultation meeting within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are $250 plus HST. For locations beyond the GTA, fees will be established through a special agreement. If you are located outside the GTA, please Contact Us to explore possibilities and assess the potential fees before scheduling a consultation.

Charging for the initial meeting is crucial for a few reasons.  Firstly, it’s a way of showing our commitment by investing our time, expertise, and full attention to the potential client within their space. Secondly, the fee acts as a way to ensure we work with clients who are genuinely committed and align with our services. Lastly, it establishes the groundwork for a professional partnership, guaranteeing both parties have a transparent understanding of the expectations and mutual commitment in terms of time and finances.

For cancellation of appointments without incurring fees, we kindly request that you follow the corresponding link provided in your welcome email, which will take you to cancellation page. Alternatively, you may utilize our Contact Us Form for cancellation requests.
Please ensure to provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid any extra charges. When submitting your cancellation request, please include your Booking ID (found in the initial email from us), full name, appointment date, and time for prompt processing.
Important: Should a cancellation be made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the total initial design consultation fee will be applied.
Please note that failure to attend a scheduled appointment without prior cancellation will result in the full initial design consultation fee being charged.

We aim to capture photos and make videos for all our projects. These visuals are used in various marketing materials, such as our website, social media, etc. If you have any concerns about your home being photographed or featured in videos, let’s discuss it early in the process.

The commencement date depends on our existing workload with ongoing projects. However, typically, it kicks off shortly after the agreement is signed, and a deposit is collected.

To schedule your initial design consultation, we recommend using our Book Design Consultation Form , accessible through the provided link. For optimal planning and coordination, we suggest booking your consultation at least 5-7 days in advance of your desired appointment date. This timeframe allows for efficient prepayment processing and ensures that all necessary details are confirmed prior to our scheduled face-to-face meeting.

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