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Creating The Art Of Stylish Living

ArtsGraffito is a Full-Service Interior and Exterior Design Studio

Scientifically, the health of an individual and their family is significantly affected by the environment around them. The surroundings not only shape moods but also influence lifestyle and activities. Thus, intention to make own home beautiful comfortable and functional is natural to humans.

As artists, designers, and sculptors, we take immense pleasure in assisting individuals to decorate and visually build their spaces. We make ideas and dreams reality that are coherent to inner self. While always listening to customer we find the balance between people and objects, composition and harmony, as well as everything else that surrounds human in their dwelling place.

Our main stream is interior and exterior design including landscape design.

The significance of the interior cannot be overstated, encapsulating elements such as style, color, and spatial solutions. Often overlooked is the understanding that exceptional design commences with a brilliant idea. Idea is a basis of whole bunch of complicated tasks.

First of all, we meticulously seek and craft architectural solutions, delving into the smallest details that align with the owner’s requirements. Following this, a cascade of technical solutions, incorporating the latest technologies, comes into play. Breaking down the design into intricate details, covering aspects like furniture, finishing materials, textiles, lighting, and more, is crucial to our comprehensive approach.

Artistic techniques play a pivotal role in our process, ranging from diverse painting styles and decorative surfaces to intricate metalwork (casting, chasing, forging), glass applications (fusing – baked glass, stained glass), and sculptural elements, among others. Achieving the desired effect occasionally calls for borrowing ancient styles from cultures worldwide and revitalizing nearly forgotten painting and plastering techniques, both in small and large volumes. The utmost importance is placed on seamlessly integrating every element into the overall coherence of the interior.

With over 30 years of experience in various design projects we would like to share our vision and expertise to help turn your interior dreams into reality.


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